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Freestyle Fighter Kites by Geoff Crumplin


Welcome to the Quilters Kite Studio...


The Quilters Kite Studio is my way of offering other kite flyers a sight of how my fighter kite designing and building has moved on since I published my first experiences of making fighter kites with modern materials rather than the traditional paper and bamboo in Not an Indian Fighter Kite.

If you move on to view the gallery of my current kites, I think that the naming of the Quilters Kite Studio will be obvious.

For more than 10 years I have flown my kites at kite festivals around the UK – although I have only made and flown the kites for my own pleasure, other flyers have taken to flying them. I think that I must be doing something right as I seem to have sold quite a few kites, and some people have even come back for more.

My kites are very personal and I have never knowingly built the same kite twice. For me every kite has to offer a challenge in either building and/or decoration. Although it takes much more time to build an appliqué fighter kite than a simple fighter, the decoration adds to the personal pleasures of every flight.


If you like the kites that you find in this site - they are for sale - alternatively I will be very pleased to custom build a fighter kite for you.

Because of the time required to construct a decorated sail containing anything up to 90 panels none of my fighter kites are cheap - prices are simply based upon the time it takes to build each kite. I believe that my prices are fair for individual custom built kites - I do not mass produce any kites, so any kite that I supply is unique.


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Appliqué without sewing

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Different shapes of kite:


Buka & Classic Korean

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