4-block quilt block pattern kites

(55cm square fighters)

These larger 4-block fighters are defnitely not built for speed flying, but they are great for precision control and can perform most freestyle tricks. Although they are very time-consuming to make (each sail is made up of 50-80 separate panels), they really look superb in the sky, and are guaranteed to attract attention.

The Old Black Road series - based upon a pattern derived from the traditional Road to Heaven block.

This series of kites has been designed using my own method of mathematical transforms - thus all of the kites in the series have been built by using different mathematical grids to make templates to reproduce the Old Black Road Pattern.


The Old Black Road

Black Road No.2

Black Road No.1


Black Road No.4

Black Road No.3

Black Road No.5

(This 4-block pattern is assembled as a morphing of two pairs of related pattern blocks.)

Additional original 4-block quilt fighters (55cm)

RIMG0011 RIMG0013 RIMG0002

Counting Spiral

(This original 4-block pattern is based upon the number sequence 1,2,3,4,5,6)

Chasing the Swallows

Blak & Blu Chequers

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